Everything YOU MISSED In the NEW Lego Fortnite Update…

how are we feelin about this update now chat??

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Tyler Jenkins
Tyler Jenkins

I'm Tyler Jenkins, a dedicated Fortnite gamer. I started playing when it launched in 2017 and have logged hundreds of hours unlocking skins and items. My favorite mode is Squads where my friends and I build fortress bases and ambush enemies. I run and own FantasyRealmz.com, a Fortnite fansite. Though I enjoy activities like working out and coding, at the end of the day you can find me battling for Victory Royales in Fortnite with my squadmates. Let's game!


  1. My world has been out of bright core for like a month!
    There’s literally no Desert cave ore left at all in my file!
    Gave up the game because of it.

  2. I stopped playing because it took too long to get from one village to another. It was just an uninteresting timesink. I hear Palworld has teleports. I know little about survival games tho.

  3. I love how they came out saying they fixed so many glitches and yet they all still exist and we have new and even more devistating ones.

  4. Whole thing needs rebalancing, there is no threat or instant killed, abusing mechanics needs removed, spamming stamina actions is pathetic programming just make stuff work, give us boats, still waiting for castles/knights/dragons… Pirates/swimming under water/ships… Desert tombs mummies/ treasures that actually mean something/ trophies collectables/currency shops… Ninjas /weapon diversity/skills… Game is empty, it's pathetic we have to do there jobs for them. No buying skins untill I make enough free VB untill they put in some real work.

  5. Did you know that using stairs and foundations, you can use the physics to farm wood by breaking a stair and letting the foundation piece hit the tree

  6. Fortnite patching glitches that hurt absolutely nobody while ignoring basic game play necessities is why people have stopped playing the game.

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