*NEW* Meta Inventory Builds on LEGO Fortnite! (v28.20 Update)

Today we’re going to talk about the best way to build your inventory on LEGO Fortnite! A lot of people do this wrong and I think if you follow this video it could help a TON!

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Tyler Jenkins
Tyler Jenkins

I'm Tyler Jenkins, a dedicated Fortnite gamer. I started playing when it launched in 2017 and have logged hundreds of hours unlocking skins and items. My favorite mode is Squads where my friends and I build fortress bases and ambush enemies. I run and own FantasyRealmz.com, a Fortnite fansite. Though I enjoy activities like working out and coding, at the end of the day you can find me battling for Victory Royales in Fortnite with my squadmates. Let's game!


  1. Thanks for the vid crafty! +1 for the simple airship choice, hurts your soul less if you happen to fall off 😂 you can just build a new one

  2. But with the regeneration charms the you’re cold and you’re warm is so annoying because ut takes also like 10% of you’re screen

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