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Tyler Jenkins
Tyler Jenkins

I'm Tyler Jenkins, a dedicated Fortnite gamer. I started playing when it launched in 2017 and have logged hundreds of hours unlocking skins and items. My favorite mode is Squads where my friends and I build fortress bases and ambush enemies. I run and own, a Fortnite fansite. Though I enjoy activities like working out and coding, at the end of the day you can find me battling for Victory Royales in Fortnite with my squadmates. Let's game!


  1. 11:11 they did Jules so dirty. They even dared not to put the "work in progress " symbol, implying this is her definitive version but she looks nothing like the REAL Jules. She doesn't have her trademark braids, nor her tattoos, nor nothing mechanic related, and the colors of her clothes are just plain wrong aside from vaguely the legs. Plus, I don't mean to be racist, but she's not that dark in FN. I hope they'll rework her because this isn't Jules at all.

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