The Robot- Fortnite Emote

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Tyler Jenkins
Tyler Jenkins

I'm Tyler Jenkins, a dedicated Fortnite gamer. I started playing when it launched in 2017 and have logged hundreds of hours unlocking skins and items. My favorite mode is Squads where my friends and I build fortress bases and ambush enemies. I run and own, a Fortnite fansite. Though I enjoy activities like working out and coding, at the end of the day you can find me battling for Victory Royales in Fortnite with my squadmates. Let's game!


  1. Can’t believe its already been 4 years since i was into fortnite, i remember back in late 2019 in 5th grade I would wake up in the morning on the weekends, or mornings when I didn’t have school, and just watch Fortnite stuff. And i mean like REALLY early. Around 6 am-6:30 am. Mostly perfect timing compilations from Elegance, where Fortnite emotes came from and scammer gets scammed videos from Twine Cheeks.

    I had a LG Stylo 4 phone that my dad passed down to me, that i would use almost all the time, I watched alot of those videos on there. 5th grade was my worse year especially during the start and middle, fortnite was hella popular though, everyone was doing fortnite dances and all that other stuff but watching fortnite emotes and stuff was always entertaining. The Robot always stood out to me mostly because the part at 0:08 reminded me of Just Gold, the nostalgic fnaf song by MandoPony.

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